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The Ultimate Guide To Spring Equinox

The Ultimate Guide To Spring Equinox

The Ultimate Guide To Spring Equinox

Every March 20 or 21, the sun shines brighter longer, the breeze gets warmer. Flowers begin to bloom, birds begin to chirp and even the butterflies begin to emerge. And these beautiful signals let us know that Spring Equinox is gracing us after what always feels like a long, dark and dreary winter. 

What is Spring Equinox?

Spring Equinox is one part astronomy, one part ancient tradition and one part pure joy and happiness. This year, the spring equinox takes place on March 20th at 8:33 AM Pacific and signals the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. 

The arrival of spring ushers in a renewed energy, a fresh start or a new beginning. As we emerge from our metaphorical caves after hibernation, there seems to be a hunger to clean out our spaces and become the bright and shiny new version of ourselves that we planned for the New Year. 

To help make your spring awakening smooth and easy here is your Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist 2022

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist 2022

Restock your cleaning supplies

  • Clean out your fridge and pantry
  • Give your kitchen appliances a thorough cleaning
  • Wipe down your walls
  • Dust Books, Shelves and other surfaces
  • Vacuum and Shampoo carpets and Rugs
  • Wax wood floors and furniture
  • Don’t forget about your upholstered furnishings
  • Wash windows and screen
  • Fire Safety Inspection
  • Clean out your closet + donate
  • Refresh the items you’re keeping
  • Wash pet beds, clothing, fabric toys
  • Remove any clutter that’s been collecting around your home
  • Declutter your camera roll 
  • Clean up your desktop, documents and files
  • Donate any clothing or items you can, host a garage sale or post your items online 

Then treat yourself to some elevated pieces that are designed to last, like our 100% Mulberry silk nightwear.

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