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5 Benefits Of Mulberry Silk

5 Benefits Of Mulberry Silk

We can all agree silk is the most luxurious fabric, but it is so much more than that! In case you haven’t noticed, mulberry silk is having a major moment right and deservedly so. From home goods, ready-to-wear fashion and hair care, mulberry silk is seducing us and making makes us feel even better.

While mulberry silk is regarded as the highest quality silk in the game, it’s provides so much more than a purely aesthetic luxury. And this is largely thanks to the way the silkworms are nurtured–in a way that produces a nourishing fabric for us to enjoy. These silkworms are exclusively fed mulberry leaves, which are rich in nutrients and protein. The result is a thread that is long, strong and contains 18 amino acids and proteins that can nourish our hair and skin. It’s the ultimate feel-good textile that is bound to help you glow on another level.

Here is a breakdown of the health and beauty benefits you can enjoy from incorporating mulberry silk into your like:

5 Benefits of Mulberry Silk

1. Promotes Healthy Hydration

Hydration is essential for good health. Unlike cotton and other fabrics that draw out your skin’s natural oils and moisture (not to mention the products you apply during your beauty routine), mulberry silk helps you retain all that goodness. Helping you to stay looking fresh and radiant!

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2. Prevents Wrinkles

Mulberry silk is smooth and soft, which prevents any tugging or pulling on your face while you sleep. Traditional cotton and synthetic fabrics create friction with your skin, causing lines and wrinkles to form while you sleep.

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3. Tames Frizzy Hair

There’s a reason they say “silky smooth.” Silk’s natural texture allows hair to glide over it without any friction (are you seeing the pattern here?) This means that you get to say “goodnight” to bedhead, tangles, knots, and morning frizz. Silk also helps to keep your blowout looking fresher, longer!

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4. Prevents Acne

Silk helps to protect your skin’s natural moisture barrier with its natural breathability and smooth texture. The breathability helps your body to regulate its temperature, reducing the amount of sweat you produce throughout the night while the smooth texture prevents clogged pores and skin dehydration.

5. It’s A Natural Fibre

And finally, silk is a naturally soft fibre, which means it doesn’t require chemical treatments to achieve its luxurious feel. You can rest easy knowing that you’re draping yourself in a high-quality product that’s also non-toxic and free from harsh additives.

Silk is the fabric your highest self deserves!

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