Summer 2022 Collection Coming In Hot!

summer 2022 silk nightwear and accessories coming soon

Summer 2022 Collection Coming In Hot!

We are thrilled to be dropping our new collection of 100% mulberry silk pieces. New items, new colours, same high quality at an affordable price! You know how passionate we are about infusing luxury into your daily life. And that’s exactly what this collection is about: Simple Elevations so you can live your best life ever!

Welcome to our Summer 2022 Collection

Silk Scrunchies

Forsters Finery Silk Scrunchies are made from the same high-quality, pure mulberry silk as our popular nightwear. Perfect for your hair: No tugging, no breakage, no damage… just pure silky smoothness.

They also double as a chic wrist accessory!

Available in black, white, pink, mint, light blue, navy, lime, aqua and lilac.

Silk Heatless Hair Curler Set

AS SEEN ON TIK TOK: Create the perfect beach waves or gorgeous curls, without the heat damage! Our 100% mulberry silk design prevents breakage and keeps your hair frizz-free. Forsters Finery Silk Heatless Hair Curler Set is easy to use. Day or night, you’re going to get a beautiful hairstyle. The set includes a silk-covered foam curling rod & two silk scrunchies that gently secure your hair.

Available in black and pink

Silk Nightcap

Our Silk Nightcap is made with 100% mulberry silk to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability. Whether you want to preserve your blowout or keep your hair free from tangles, knots and crazy bedhead, Forsters Finery Silk Nightcap will have you flipping your hair and saying “I woke up like this.”

Available in pink.

*New Colour* Silk Pillowcase in Mint

Transform your bed into a luxurious oasis, beginning with where you rest your head. Melt into your sleep on our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases.

Forsters Finery Silk Pillowcases are completely natural, hypoallergenic and work wonders in preventing flyaways, skin creases, night sweats, and clogged pores. All while you enjoy a peaceful night of sleep, what could be better?

*New Colour* Silk Eye Mask in Light Blue, Pink, Mint

Keep city lights and other night-time distractions at bay by slipping on Forsters Finery Silk Eye Mask.

Our pure mulberry silk eye help to prevent wrinkles and creases where your skin is the most delicate while also locking in your night skincare routine in place. Leaving you feeling like the true self-care goddess you are! Fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep with Forsters Finery 100% mulberry silk eye masks.

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