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Forsters Finery is Fine Silk.Affordable.100% Mulberry.Luxurious Nightwear.

Ancient oriental silk inspection and production

Precious Silk

Since the 27th Century BC, silk from China has been the epitome of luxury… from the Imperial Dynasties to the great fashion houses of today. For over 1,000 yrs the use of silk had been regulated solely for use to the members of the Imperial family.

After the beginning of the second century BC, the Silk Road was established to trade silk to places as far as Constantinople (today’s Istanbul, Turkey). Today it is shared and used worldwide as luxurious garments for day and nighttime wear.

With its incomparably lustrous sheen, amazingly soft feel, and numerous health benefits this “strongest of all-natural fibers” stayed secret from the rest of the world until 300 AD when silk was first cultivated in Japan, then the Byzantine Empire, in 522 AD.

Forsters Finery is proud to present our lines of pure Mulberry silk nightwear made to our high standards by master crafts people. In many cultures around the world, silk fabric and garments have been considered a sign of wealth, luxury and opulence… once only available to Emperors and rulers, we now create this luxury for you.

Who We Are

Laureen and Stephen Forster began Forsters Finery from their home in Granthams Landing, BC, Canada in early 2019. Since then they have expanded to a seasonal pop-up store while building an online presence.
Laureen has been in garment production for over 39 years with extensive contacts throughout the world to produce the highest quality garments made by master craftspeople.
For the majority of those years, Laureen has been production manager overseeing every aspect of the production of private school uniforms for a major Canadian company. Everything the students wore went across Laureen’s desk.
Now, in partnership with her husband Stephen, himself a former retail owner for 30 years, Forsters Finery brings you the very best quality silk garments at incredibly affordable prices by offering these direct to you and removing the middleman.

Forsters Finery - Affordable Luxurious Silk Nightwear